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Take a step back in time and enjoy the flavors of this popular Medieval Elixir. Our Mead is made with similar recipes used in Medieval Times.

The honey for this specialty dessert-style wine is produced in hives throughout Northern California. It is composed of a blend of three types of honey: alfalfa, sage and orange blossom. Each type brings a unique quality to the blend and contributes to the overall complexity of the Mead. Alfalfa is neutral in flavor but yields a dark, amber color. The orange blossom brings a floral bouquet to the nose of the wine. Sage brings subtle nuances into the blend.

This wine is produced utilizing fresh honey without the addition of artificial flavorings, concentrates or artificial colorings. The use of pure, raw honey contributes to the intense, fresh flavors of this natural product.

Enjoy Honey Mead Chilled or With Spices

The Mead can be enjoyed in one of two ways, either chilled or heated with spices to create a delicious wintry drink.

The Maiden Hot-Spiced Mead Recipe (using included two CHAUCER'S spice bags)

  1. Pour half or full bottle of CHAUCER'S Mead into a medium-sized saucepan.
  2. Drop in spice bag(s). One spice bag for half of a bottle and two spice bags for a full bottle.
  3. Let the bag(s) steep over medium heat for 5-10 minutes or until Mead has reached the desired spiciness. Do not bring to a boil.
  4. Remove spice bag(s) and pour hot-spiced Mead into a favorite goblet, mug or glass.

Pairing Ideas

Pair with dried fruit and nuts

Serve alongside a pear tart or dessert prepared with nuts.

Enjoy with cheeses with strong taste such as blue or aged cheeses.

Enjoy heated (see below for recipe)


Gold Medal/95 Points
CA State Fair Wine Competition

Best of Class/Trad'l Mead
Mazer Cup Int'l

Gold Medal
North American Brewers Association Beer Awards

Gold Medal/ 92 Points
Beverage Testing Institute(BTI)

Chaucer's Cellars Mead Wine