CHAUCER'S Raspberry Wine

Chaucer's Cellars Raspberry Wine

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500ml bottle)

"Our Raspberry Wine is like a first kiss, innocent and impressionable. Made from 100% pure fruit, there is a clear, light crimson color and the flavor is bursting with enticing aromas of freshly crushed raspberries."

The Fruit

The fruit for this elegant, dessert-style wine was grown in an orchard near Watsonville, California – a cool region with seasonal morning fog during the summer, ideal for the production of quality berries. The varieties of raspberry grown in this area have a very firm texture and an intense flavor.

Well–drained, sandy loam soils along the Pajaro River and Corralitos Creek yield berries with naturally high acids with adequate sugar levels. The cool microclimate near Watsonville enables growers to use minimal amounts of water during the growing season to ensuring the delicate character of this fine berry is not lost.

Enjoying the Flavors

This wine is produced utilizing 100% pure fruit without the addition of artificial flavorings, concentrates or artificial colorings. The use of pure natural raspberries contributes to the intense, fresh flavors of this fruit wine.

Although this wine exhibits richness similar to a fine liqueur, it contains only 10% alcohol. Hence, this wine should be consumed shortly after purchase to enjoy its natural and rich flavor. Also, it is recommended to refrigerate this delicate product after opening.


Pairing Ideas


Pairs well with white fish dishes, Vietnamese cuisine, chocolate desserts, and cheesecake.

Great for baking. Try baking a raspberry chocolate cake or raspberry muffins.




California State Fair

90 Points
Wine and Spirits Magazine

Chaucer's Raspberry Wine